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This Classic Army Airsoft version of the MP5-A2 with Tac Light is a beautiful rendition in 1 to 1 scale of a model specifically developed to meet the requirements of many Special Operations Forces around the world.

The MP5 is a submachine gun, developed by German weapons manufacturer in the 1960s. A typical MP5 fires 9mm Luger ammunition from a curved detachable box-type magazine. The MP5's accuracy, reliability, and wide range of accessories and variants have made it the submachine gun of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The Classic Army MP5-A2 has a steel barrel, cocking tube, and receiver. Short barrel provides good accuracy up to medium range. With a sliding stock for easy movement and CQB missions. Tactical torch fore grip provides 65 lumen at the touch of the side pressure switch, powered by two 123A batteries (not included).
This model is fantastic out of the box and includes a 200rd mag to get the job done, swiftly, efficiently and without fault.

Features of Classic Army CA5-A3 MP5A3 (MP002M)
- Flashlight Fore Grip with 6V Bulb
- 7mm Bearing Bushing Version 2 Gearbox
- High Quality Steel Gears, Gearbox Shell, and a Polycarb Piston
- New Design Hop Up System
- Movable Cocking Lever and with Retractable Stock  

Model & SKU : CA5-A3 Tac Light MP5A3 (MP002M)
Length : 535mm/ 675mm
Weight : 2.8kg unloaded.
Battery Type : small Type connector
Magazine Capacity : 200rd x 6mm
Materials : Metal and ABS
Colour : BK
FPS : Average 330 FPS
Gearbox Type : Advanced V2 7mm Bearing Bushing Gearbox
Shooting Mode : Semi \ Full auto
Inner Barrel Length : 229mm
Outer Barrel threading : 14mm ccw

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