• Monocular NVG consists of a single eyepiece that covers one eye while leaving the other eye free. It resembles a small telescope or a monocular telescope.
  • It provides night vision capabilities to the user, allowing them to see in low-light conditions or complete darkness.
  • Monocular NVG is lightweight and compact, making it easier to carry and operate. It is often used by individuals who need to maintain peripheral vision in one eye, such as pilots, drivers, or soldiers.
  • It typically offers a wide field of view, enabling users to observe a larger area at once.
  • Monocular NVG can be mounted on a helmet or headgear for hands-free operation, or it may come with a handheld grip for portable use.
  • Binocular NVG consists of two eyepieces, one for each eye, which provides a more natural and immersive viewing experience.
  • It offers enhanced depth perception and improves the ability to judge distances accurately.
  • Binocular NVG usually has a narrower field of view compared to monocular NVG, but it compensates for it by providing a three-dimensional (3D) view.
  • It is commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other professionals who require precise depth perception and situational awareness during night operations.
  • Binocular NVG can also be mounted on a helmet or headgear for hands-free use.

InfiRay MH25 V2 Thermal Monocular

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MONOCULAR / BINOCULAR personnalisées
Configuration personnalisée

Voici nos nouvelles lunettes de vision nocturne (NVG) personnalisées avancées, conçues pour offrir une vision exceptionnelle et une conscience accrue de la situation dans des conditions de faible luminosité ou de nuit. Dotées de technologies de pointe et de fonctionnalités sur mesure, ces NVG sont parfaites pour les professionnels, les amateurs de plein air et toute personne nécessitant des capacités de vision nocturne fiables. En fonction de votre budget et de vos besoins !

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