2-7x32 Illuminated Scope
2-7x32 Illuminated Scope
2-7x32 Illuminated Scope


2-7x32 Illuminated Scope

Prix régulier$144.99


This compact tactical rifle scope is well suited for mid to long range shooting, with high optical clarity at 7 to 32 times magnification and a 30mm objective diameter. The tactical arrow reticle is illuminated in red, green, or  blue, and in multiple brightness intensities, for a suitable sight picture regardless of lighting or environment. 


  • Solid construction
  • High grade coated optical glasses
  • Fog, weather, and shock proof
  • Fully adjustable (windage, elevation, magnification, illumination, focus)
  • PEPR cantilever mount with six short accessory rails
  • Flip-up lens covers (removable)

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