Airsoft Barrel Nut Washer
Airsoft Barrel Nut Washer


Airsoft Barrel Nut Washer

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  • Eliminates gaps that may occur in between barrels and the barrel nut, upper receiver and outer barrel, or anywhere in between
  • Ensures stability of outer barrel and RIS systems when installing
  • Prevents any outer barrel or rail alignment issues
  • 4 differently sized shims to fit any situation
Installed your fresh and new Madbull Daniel Defense Mk18 Rail or Madbull Troy TRX Battle rail, and find your barrel is loose as all heck? Never fear, Madbull Airsoft has come with a set of Barrel washers to help alleviate the issues experienced with outer barrel gap, misalignment issues, and barrel instability.

Manufacturer: Madbull Airsoft


Material: Aluminum
Package Includes: 6x shims in the following widths: 0.1mm (x2), 0.15mm(x2), 1.5mm(x1), and 2mm(x1)

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