Airsoft Card Multitool
Airsoft Card Multitool
Airsoft Card Multitool
Airsoft Card Multitool


Airsoft Card Multitool

Prix régulier$19.99

A wallet-sized multitool card designed for Airsoft. The perfect handy tool to take to the field with you. It comes with a protector cover.


  • 2 types of valve keys
  • 7 wrench slots
  • CO2 mag turning corner
  • Keychain hole
  • Small Prying tool / flat screwdriver
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Sharp edge for cutting

 Bottle opener is compatible with both non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverages.

 The sharp edge makes it forbidden to take on a plane. Be wary not to forget it in your wallet when traveling!


The most practical function in our opinion. You won't waste your time at the field looking for that one valve key lost somewhere in your gearbag. Instead you have it right inside your wallet and can adjust your magazines anytime.




These CO2 caps are not easy to turn, we're well aware. Replace your CO2 mags quickly thanks to this card without the usual struggle of using coins or any other improvised tool you may think of.


There are too many functions to mention them all but the wrench slots might really get you out of a pinch when things just cannot be done by hand.

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