Autobot Transformers Hop Up Silicone - 70 Degrees


Autobot Transformers Hop Up Silicone - 70 Degrees

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2021 Transformers Autobot 70 is a hop-up rubber made of a mixture of silicone, designed for the VSR and GBB series replicas.

Its secret lies in the innovative shape of the element that wind the balls - DELTA. It is thanks to this unique shape that the accuracy of the shots is significantly improved.
The silicone from which it is made is very resistant to low temperatures, without the Cold-Bore Shot effect - it does not require "warming up" to obtain a stable ball flight path and full range.
Works great in sniper rifles.
Thanks to the larger and wider surface of the ball style, it provides optimal curl - perfect for heavy balls.

Before buying, make sure that the hop-up rubber will fit your barrel.

50 degree up to 360 FPS
60 degree 290-390 FPS
70 degree 355-460 FPS
75 degree 420-490 FPS
80 degree 480 FPS or higher 


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