Closed Pistol Mag Pouch
Closed Pistol Mag Pouch
Closed Pistol Mag Pouch
Closed Pistol Mag Pouch


Closed Pistol Mag Pouch

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 A closed pistol magazine pouch for those who don’t want the risk of losing their mags on the field!
It can hold standard pistol mags as well as single-stack magazines!

Not only does it keep your magazine secured, it ensures it stays clean and protected from dirt. Ideal for playing airsoft in rough conditions or on milsims.

 The elastic sides and the shock cord allow you to adapt it to your magazine in both width and tightness.



Being able to close your pouches comes both pros and cons. It takes longer to reload and can also give you away as opening your pouch makes noise. On the other hand you rest assured that you won't lose any mags while playing and it will protect your mags from dirt and other debris that might cause malfunctions.


Thanks to the shock cord and elastic sides you can fit almost any kind of pistol magazine and make it fit to your liking!


For some, it's straightforward, for others, it's something to learn.

Check out this gif to see how to molle your pouch perfectly in order to have it as safe and fixed as possible.

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