G-Series EC17 SAI
G-Series EC17 SAI
G-Series EC17 SAI


G-Series EC17 SAI

Prix régulier$249.99

Here's the EC17 Salient Arms International style GBBP with a sweet golden outer barrel!

Full Metal slide and ABS Frame. Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode. Extreme smooth slide cycling and a High Loading Capacity Magazine.

Rail Framed Design is suitable for Tactical Flashlight & Laser Sight Attachment. Disassembly is just like the real steel version.


  • Quality airsoft pistol
  • WE/TM Compatible G17 style gen. 3 airsoft pistol
  • CNC Metal slide
  • Reinforced metal internal (hammer, sear etc)
  • Threaded outer barrel (11mm CCW)
  • Marking edition

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