CQB Riot / Crew Shield
CQB Riot / Crew Shield
CQB Riot / Crew Shield
CQB Riot / Crew Shield


CQB Riot / Crew Shield

Prix régulier$199.99


  • Adds +55 to defense when fighting dragons.
  • (Cannot be sold on Battlenet to fight Diablo.)
  • Large, curved coverage area for maximum protection<
  • 3mm Thick and made from High Strength Lexan, this shield is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Backed with High Density Foam
  • Protects you from Airsoft bb and other projectiles.
  • Able to easily withstand 600+ FPS
  • Show the world your true #1 Airsoft retailer & distributor.
The Evike.com CQB Riot Shield is perfect for Camera Crews, Close Quarters Airsoft training, and Simulations. The shield measures almost 3 feet tall and just shy of 2 feet wide making this perfect for any front man on a CQB squad. It has a curved shape that aids in extra coverage where it matters. This Riot Shield is made from High Strength Lexan and includes 2 sturdy handles and a High Density foam on the back. The Evike.com Riot Shield will intimidate even the toughest opponents.
We are not encouraging everyone to use this shield for mil-sim, but at times, it is NECESSARY for mil-sim.

Manufacturer: Evike.com USA


Dimensions: 19" x 35.5"
Thickness: 3mm
Materials: High Strength Lexan, High Density Foam, Rubberized Metal

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