73°W CUSTOMS - MTW Billet 10&


73°W CUSTOMS - MTW Billet 10'' w/ C02 Wraith Stock Tan

Prix régulier $1,299.99 Prix réduit$899.99


  • Wolverine C02 Wraith Stock
  • 6.02 Stainless CNC Inner barrel
  • Bucking Maple Leaf 70 degree
  • M-Lok Rail Cover 5.5 Inch x2
  • Holo 556 Sight Optic Black
  • Maxx CNC Hopup Chamber for MTW
  • CCW SLR Flash Hider
  • MTW Billet Stock
  • PTS Pistol Grip 
  • Magpul Buffer Tube Sling Swivel 
  • Charging Handle Crusader

The MTW platform has been built from the ground up to dominate the field, with endless customization options to make it your own. The MTW’s unrivaled reliability will keep you in the game, and we’ve “got your six” with durability and service to make the MTW the last replica you’ll ever need.

Paint job by 20.100 - From Fighter System

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