FMG-9 w/G19c Tokyo Marui
FMG-9 w/G19c Tokyo Marui
FMG-9 w/G19c Tokyo Marui


FMG-9 w/G19c Tokyo Marui

Prix régulier $1,079.99 Prix réduit$899.99

*Complete set with a Tokyo Marui G18c Slide and internal*


Tokyo Marui, VFC, WE Glock 18C / 17 Gen. 3 gas gun.
*Only Tokyo Marui / VFC / WE Glock 18C and 17 Gen.3 (old model) gas guns are supported, and the following are not supported.

[Not compatible] [Tokyo Marui] Glock 17 Gen.4 / 19/26/34 Gas gun, Glock electric hand gun, Glock air cocking gun, [BATON airsoft] BG-17 CO2GBB (scheduled to be released in autumn-winter 2022), [KSC ・KWA] etc. Glock gas guns and Glock model guns other than the above three manufacturers.

1. Compatible with Tokyo Marui / VFC / WE Glock 18C / 17 Gen.3 gas gun: Designed to be compatible with Tokyo Marui's G18C / 17 Gen.3, achieving smooth operation regardless of brand product.

2. Uses the highest strength mil-spec material: Nylon 66, a military polymer material used by the US military, is used to achieve strength that meets mil-spec.

3. More durable: The parts that are easily damaged in the existing model are changed in material to improve durability (the button parts that connect the grip and the frame are also made of steel). [Parts configuration of conversion kit] Conversion kit body, carrying handle (detachable), dedicated selector, rear sight plate, nozzle housing screw, magazine plate (for Marui / WE x 1, for VFC x 1).

[Parts required from the gas gun body (in the case of G18C)] Slide part: Slide & internal parts set (front sight: removal, rear sight & selector replacement) Receiver part: hammer block, frame rear pin (3 x 22), screw (2.6 x 6), trigger bar, slide catch.

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