Gas Magazine Rebuild Kit (Gun: HK MP7 KWA Version)


Gas Magazine Rebuild Kit (Gun: HK MP7 KWA Version)

Prix régulier$39.99


  • Direct OEM replacement parts package
  • Fits Elite Force MP7 Airsoft GBB SMG's made by KWA
  • Great for restoring older guns to like-new condition
  • Good idea to keep as a set of backup parts when out at weekend events

Don't let a leaky magazine keep you out of the action. The Elite Force HK MP7 GBB Mag Rebuild Kit comes with everything you need to restore your HK MP7 magazine back to operable condition. Cheaper than an insurance policy, our rebuild kits are great to have on hand in case the unthinkable happens and your magazine springs a leak!

Manufacturer: Elite Force


Compatibility: Elite Force / KWA MP7 magazines

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