Hitmarker Gen2 Deadrag
Hitmarker Gen2 Deadrag
Hitmarker Gen2 Deadrag
Hitmarker Gen2 Deadrag


Hitmarker Gen2 Deadrag

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Who would have thought that a simple thing like a hitmarker could be improved?

The Gen 2 Hitmarker is now more user friendly due to the new two piece design. One of the new features is a hook, which allows you to attach the deadrag to any part of your gear. This makes sure, that it will be clearly visible to other players on the field. High quality velcro is fitted on the inside, so you can hide the deadrag with ease.


Just simply attach our hit marker to your gear and you will never have to go all the way back with your hand raised. All you need to do is to pull the tab as soon as you get hit. With the new and improved design you can simply take out the rag and attach it anywhere on your body.

That’s it!


The red fabric is visible and durable - the sides are double stitched to prevent any wear and tear.

The biggest change in gen2 is the fact that now you can remove the rag completely and attach it anywhere you want with velcro or the hook. So the pouch can stay on your belt and when you get hit, you can wave with the rag, cover your head or attach it to your shoulder or helmet. Whatever you prefer. 


The back is laser cut molle system so you can mount the hitmarker wherever you want. 

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