HK 416 A5 AEG DE
HK 416 A5 AEG DE
HK 416 A5 AEG DE
HK 416 A5 AEG DE
HK 416 A5 AEG DE

EC-111 DE

HK 416 A5 AEG DE

Prix régulier$499.99

E&C's take on the ever-popular HK416A5, complete with trades. Internally and externally robust, and fully upgradeable with a standard V2 gearbox.

Uses E&C's QD1.5 system, allowing for easy spring changes without removing the gearbox from the lower receiver - simply remove the buffer tube and twist the plug, exposing the QD spring guide.


  • Length - 710mm - 795mm (stock collapsed/extended)
  • Weight - 3.68kg
  • Magazine Capacity - 300rd
  • Power Source - Wired to the rear w/ small Tamiya
  • Shooting Modes - Safe, Semi, Full Auto
  • Hop-up - Yes, adjustable
  • With no marking

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