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The HPG is an innovative Hypodermic Needle Protective Glove with groundbreaking new technology brought to you by HWI Gear, Inc.  After years of looking for a better hypodermic needle puncture resistant glove we have found the solution.  With the growing threat of needle sticks for law enforcement and corrections officers the Puncture Pro is the next step in protection and tactility.

  • ASTM E 3109-18 Spec Scores / ANSI/ISEA Classification 105-2016 Scores
    • Hypodermic Needle 28 gauge ASTMF 2878: HIGH / LEVEL 3
    • Cut Resistance ASTMF 2992-15: HIGH / A9
    • Abrasion Resistance ASTMD 3884: MODERATE / LEVEL 3

Puncture Pro Glove (Touchscreen) - HPG100

  • Durable synthetic leather palms with touchscreen technology in index and thumb
  • Hook and loop closure for a secure fit
  • Flexible spandex knit material and neoprene back for a flexible fit
  • Palm-lined with two layers of special cut-resistant and puncture-resistant flexible mesh

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