Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired
Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired
Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired
Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired
Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired


Kestrel V2 ETU Mosfet For Version 2 AEG Gearboxes - Rear Wired

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  • 7 Modes to choose from: safe, semi-auto, binary, burst, Aug, full-auto and sniper
  • Allows pre-cocking for better and faster trigger response
  • Real magazine simulation. After 30 rounds are spent the magazine would need to be reinserted
  • Adjustable ROF
  • Over-discharge and low battery protection
  • Active breaking and cycle detection protects your gears and gearbox
  • Remote firmware updates through the Eshooter App
  • Smart fuse protects battery ,motor, and controller from overheating, overload and short circuits
  • Sleep charge after an hour preventing unnecessary battery discharge
  • Locked rotor protection will alert the user if the gears and motor aren't functioning correctly
  • Sensor Calibration to ensure maximum performance

Kestrel V2 ETU is compatible with the standard Tokyo Marui V2 gearbox. It can make your AEG much smarter, more reliable and have a faster response. You can customize AEG's shooting parameters by connecting the "Eshooter" App to experience a different shooting experience

Trigger Sensitivity Adjustment: There are 5 sensors to detect the trigger's movement to control the trigger's sensitivity. Without disassembling your gun you can connect to the Eshooter App wirelessly.

Selector Modes: 2 selectors allow your game to use various selector modes, including:

  • Safe Mode can prevent your gun from firing no matter where the selector is.
  • Semi Mode allows you one shot one round.
  • Binary Mode allows you to pull the trigger to fire one shot and release it to fire again.
  • Burst Mode allows you to preset the number of BBs fired.
  • Aug Mode allows you to pull trigger slightly ( it depends on your trigger. sensitivity setting) for one shot ,then continually pull to change to AUTO mode.
  • Auto Mode allows you to shoot continuously until the trigger is released
  • Sniper Mode can be used with sniper delay function, simulate 2 stage safety and recoil

Pre-Cocking: Pre-Cocking can simulate a real gun's trigger reaction. It allows the spring to pre-compression to speed up the trigger reaction. You can adjust Pre-Cocking data before starting. Pre-Cocking can be used in all modes mentioned above.

Real Magazine: Simulate a real magazine with 30 rounds to enhance the real gameplay experience. After firing 30 rounds the magazine must be reloaded.

ROF Control: allows you to adjust AEG shooting speed to get your preferred ROF.

Battery Protection: LiPo and LiFe batteries are very sensitive to over-discharging. In order to prevent damaged from over-discharge, the microprocessor monitor will prevent firing when the voltage drops to a critical level.

Low Battery Warning: When the voltage drops to a critical level, the App will send out a low battery notification and the AEG will not fire.

Active Brake: The adaptive active brake function can avoid gear instability, ensuring the piston stops in the front position to decrease unnecessary stress and increase the gearbox and internal parts life.

Cycle Detection: Kestrel V2 can detect where the cycle should finish with the gear sensor function which can count every tooth on gears. Therefore, you can choose DSG(9:1), SSG(13:1) and standard gear(18:1).

Firmware Updates: You can remotely update the firmware using the Eshooter App which supports free OTA service.

Smart Fuse: Kestrel V2 is designed with 2 fuses, mini smart fuse and auto-fuse which support a maximum of 25A. They can protect the battery, motor and controller even if the battery is connected wrong. It can also protect the MOSFET from overheating, overload and short circuiting preventing the motor and battery from damage if your rifle is jammed.

Sleep Mode ETU will go to sleep mode if your gun is idle for an hour which prevents the battery from discharging.

Locked Rotor Protection: Automatically locked rotor protection. Kestrel V2 provides active protection and reminds users to check the gearbox to prevent damage from gears and motor not properly functioning together or over current.

Sensor Calibration: Kestrel V2 provides sensor calibration function to ensure your ETU sensors keep the best performance and provide you a more accurate shooting experience.

Manufacturer: Eshooter


Dimensions (mm): 47.4 x 28.7 x 13.5
Voltage Range: 3.75V - 17V
Current Consumption: 17mA
Temperature Range: -15 + 50 degrees Calvin
Relative Humidity: ≤80%
Compatibility: Fits Tokyo Marui Spec Version 2 Airsoft AEG gearboxes
Package Includes: MOSFET Kit, 2x 0.2mm Shims, 8x 0.3mm Shims, 8x 0.5mm Shims, 2x Plum Blossom Metal Gasket, 2x M2x4 Screws, 1x Deans Connector, 2x Heat Shrink Tubes, 2x Double-Sided Tape, 2x 2.6*14 Screws, 1x Magazine Button Base, 1x 30A Fuse, Manual

Disclaimer: Professional installation highly recommended. Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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