Lighter BT Tracer & Chronograph
Lighter BT Tracer & Chronograph


Lighter BT Tracer & Chronograph

Prix régulier$149.99


  • Lighter BT can connect cell phone through Bluetooth and can perform the function of chronograph through AceSoft APP
  • Works with green and red tracer BBs
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 rounds per second
  • Rechargeable built in Lithium Polymer battery; fully charged battery will last over 30,000 rounds
  • LED power and electricity quantity display
  • Auto shutoff after idling for 2 hours
  • One M11 clockwise thread adapter/and one M14 counter-clockwise thread adapter
  • FCC, CE, ROHS compliant

Manufacturer: AceTech


Diameter: 34.5 mm
Length: 100.5mm
Weight: 78g
Thread Direction: 14mm CCW, 11mm CW
Batteries: Rechargeable Built-In LiPo Battery
Material: Aluminum, Plastic

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