M4 SPIDER STW (Systema Clone)
M4 SPIDER STW (Systema Clone)
M4 SPIDER STW (Systema Clone)


M4 SPIDER STW (Systema Clone)

Prix régulier$599.99
A&K Systema Clone M3 Spider STW Airsoft Professional Training Weapon
The A&K STW is a solid Airsoft AEG utilizing the Systema PTW engine design for features such as stop firing when magazine is empty and quick swap of various FPS cylinders to be possible. This special edition features crisp trigger pull, reinforced internal from the stock A&K, internal mosfet system, adjustable hopup, 400+ FPS cylinder and more of what you will normally only find on a Systema PTW.
  • Solid internal design, based on the Systema PTW
  • 120rd magazine with automatic cutoff when rounds run out
  • Crisp trigger pull
  • Realistic, heavyweight build quality
  • Internal MOSFET system
  • Full metal receiver, stock tube, and barrel assembly
  • Fully adjustable hopup
  • Quick swap Cylinder design
  • 420FPS

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