Outer barrel for MTW
Outer barrel for MTW


Outer barrel for MTW

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The MTW is designed to fit your play style. We have 4 different length barrels to choose from. Are you playing inside one weekend and going to a milsim event the next? You can easily swap from a CQB length to a DMR length in minutes!


  • CQB: 7 Inch Barrel (recommended inner barrel: 208mm)
  • SBR: 10.3 Inch Barrel (recommended inner barrel: 285mm)
  • Carbine: 14.5 Inch Barrel (recommended inner barrel: 380mm)
  • DMR: 18 Inch Barrel (recommended inner barrel: 500mm)
  • Compatible with all MTWs.


  • Outer barrel
  • Barrel Index Pin (MTW-H-217)
Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 in

7", 10.3", 14.5", 18"

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