Piston 14.5 Steel Teeth


Piston 14.5 Steel Teeth

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  • Polymer body featuring carbon fiber and molybdenum infusion
  • CNC milled and heat treated 16 tooth piston rack
  • Final tooth shaved for angle of engagement improvement
  • Injection molded body
  • Compatible with nearly all AEG gearbox versions and internal parts
  • One of a kind construction and design

The piston may very well be one of the most important parts of the AEG gearbox, knowing this it is essential to install a high quality piston in nearly any build. 

Introducing the Retro Arms polymer bodied steel toothed piston. Featuring a injection molded polymer body infused with carbon fiber and molybdenum paired with a CNC milled and heat treated tooth rack, this Retro Arms piston is surely one of a kind. To further increase reliablity, the final tooth has been shaved to help improve angle of engagement and reduce premature wear. Whether you are simply installing a higher quality piston in your AEG due to a piston failure or you are building a high end set up, the Retro Arms Polymer 16 Steel Teeth Polymer Piston is sure to hold up to the task and then some. 

Part: AEG Piston 
Color: Black 
Compatibility: Most common AEG gearbox versions 
Material: Polymer / Steel 

Manufacturer: Retro Arms 

Color: Black

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