Rifle Scope – 3D Camo Cover
Rifle Scope – 3D Camo Cover

Rifle Scope – 3D Camo Cover

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As humans, we’re very good at recognizing familiar shapes and an uncamouflaged scope can be a disaster. The rounded shape from the front and black color can be spotted from far away.

The scope cover with 3D leaves is the best and easiest answer to your camouflage problem.

Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
Snug Fit – Low Profile
Adjustable – Fits the NOVRITSCH scope with or without extender
Controls can be accessed through the cover
Throw lever not covered
Front opening can be made smaller to hide the scope more
Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect
Compatible with our Leaf Camo System for even more camouflage
Leaves don’t make a sound
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The Amber Camouflage was developped in-house.

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