SOLINK Super Cool High Torque Motor - Long
SOLINK Super Cool High Torque Motor - Long


SOLINK Super Cool High Torque Motor - Long

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From the manufacturer of the popular SHS motors, the new Super Cool series motors feature multiple cooling fins around the motor shaft pushing heat out the side cooling vents as the shaft rotates.
One small air vent on each side of the motor shell, right next to the cooling fins, help dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. Air vents are low profile compared with other brands that have multiple large air vents that can possibly allow debris and dust into the motor housing.
This motor runs approx. 20 degree Celsius cooler than a similar high torque motor.
Strong neodymium magnet
16 TPA
31,000 RPM at 11.1v tested with no load.

Please note these come with either SHS branding or SOLINK branding depending on production batch. They are the exact same motor internally.

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