SWR Wolverine 6" Airsoft Mock Silencer


SWR Wolverine 6" Airsoft Mock Silencer

Prix régulier$67.99
  • Made from High Quality CNC Aluminum
  • Fully Licensed SWR Trademarks
  • For all 14m Negative Airsoft Guns
  • For Airsoft use ONLY

  • Length: 6" (~152.5mm)
    Threads: 14mm Negative
    Material: CNC Aluminum

    Manufacturer: Madbull (Licensed by SWR)

    About Madbull

    MAD BULL Airsoft, established in 2004, is world famous for it's Airsoft accessories. Our major focus points are: Airsoft guns, Airsoft Toy Launchers, Airsoft Toy B.B. Showers, and Upgrade kits.We have a very strong R&D team and we put a lot of effort in designing new and exciting new products for the airsoft community.

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