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Tech Mat
Tech Mat
Tech Mat


Tech Mat

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This techmat was designed by techs for techs with airsoft in mind to solve the issues we get when we decide to perform black magic, also known as repairs & upgrades on our replicas.

A must-have when you do any sort of teching.
Let’s be honest, we’ve grown tired of grease marks, springs rolling to the edge of the table & missing screws.


  • Tool bit holder
  • Non-slip gloss finish on the bottom
  • Raised central section for gearbox V2 & pin-driving
  • GBBR Bolt slot
  • Multiple storage compartments to keep track of your parts


This large techmat with compartments design will allow you to focus on your task at hand without getting distracted by a screw falling off the table or a spring that somehow managed to land in a parallel universe.


The main working surface has a raised working area where the edge allows for the easy driving out of pins and raises the part being worked on, letting you keep track of small parts falling out easier.


Our developers all agreed on this one. Securely place your bolt aside while you work on the rest. And who knows, maybe one day we will have a Novritsch product that will be perfect for that slot.


Keep your most essential tool bits, Allen keys, drill bits and more at the top of your techmat and stop fumbling through your toolbox to find the correct one.


It is made of a robust silicone that can handle impact and absorb shock when being hammered on protecting both the table being worked on as well as the surface finish of the replica being teched on.

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