Wires holder - 10 Pcs
Wires holder - 10 Pcs


Wires holder - 10 Pcs

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These holders make installation of Leviathan-V2 devices easier.
They hold wiring in their place in the gearbox during assembly.
2 pcs holders are enough to do the job.

Designed for Leviathan-V2 optical:
Leviathan-V2 optical to stock
Leviathan-V2 optical to front
Leviathan - V2 optical to stock (Gelblaster version)
It can be also used for other wiring in the gearbox V2

Insert holder against pressure point on the other side of the gearbox!
Grind pressure point if necessary.

- Metal strip 0,3x4,1mm
- Bend to U shape in 80° to hold tightly in place

Package contents:
- 10 pieces holders for wiring

Holders have to be installed by an expert. He must know how to disassemble the airsoft replica.


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